Applying for funeral allowance

In the event of the death of a social security contributor, or a member of their family, a flat-rate funeral allowance can be granted.

Who is concerned

The funeral allowance is paid in the amount of the expenses incurred by the person or institution that advanced them, or, if a public body arranged the funeral through an undertaker, directly to the latter.

Any balance remaining is paid in the following order: to the deceased's spouse/partner, children, parents and siblings, provided these people lived in the same household as the contributor.


The deceased must have been a contributor to a health insurance scheme for the funeral allowance to be paid.

How to proceed


The original receipted invoices pertaining to the funeral must be sent to the relevant insuring fund, along with an abridged death certificate.

Amount of the funeral allowance

In the event of the death of an insured individual, or a member of their family, a flat-rate funeral allowance of EUR 130 at index 100 (or EUR 1,032.90 on 1 January 2017) is granted.

In the case of children under 6 years of age or stillbirths, only 50 % or 20 % of the full amount is paid, respectively.  If the insured individual died as a result of an accident (at/on the way to work) or an occupational illness, a funeral allowance supplement amounting to 1/15 of their annual compensation is granted. This supplement may not be less than 1/15 of the reference minimum amount used to determine the accident pension.

Funeral costs

The following funeral costs may be taken into account, as long as they do not exceed the total available amount:

  • the coffin and the usual funeral accoutrements (such as the chapel of rest and bouquet);
  • a floral wreath;
  • transport of the coffin and flowers;
  • the opening and closure of the tomb/grave;
  • religious burial and the funeral service;
  • cremation;
  • the customary funeral announcements in the press;
  • fees and taxes due to the commune.

Who to contact

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