Get your school textbooks free of charge

Compulsory textbooks are now free of charge for students enrolled in a public or a private secondary school applying the National Education curriculum.

The fact that the compulsory textbooks are now free of charge has no impact on back-to-school allowances or other financial support measures.

Who is concerned

Students concerned

Students can get their textbooks for free if they:

  • are enrolled in classes of the general and classical secondary education or if they are in the vocational education system of a public secondary establishment in Luxembourg;
  • are enrolled in the European or international classes (International Baccalaureate, A-level) of the public school system;
  • enrolled in classes in private schools that apply the Luxembourg public education programme (Ecole privée Fieldgen, Ecole privée Marie-Consolatrice, Ecole privée Sainte-Anne, Lycée privé Emile Metz, Ecole privée Notre-Dame).

Pupils in preparation classes, reception classes, integration classes for young adults (CLIJA) as well as European and international classes in the public school system receive their free textbooks directly from their schools.

Textbooks concerned

The following books are provided free of charge:

  • mandatory textbooks listed in the school programme;
  • textbooks that secondary establishments have defined as being mandatory;
  • subject to availability, the digital versions of these books;
  • compulsory course material in the form of photocopies (in the absence of a mandatory textbook) received by the school.
If a textbook remains on the programme for several school years, the student is only entitled to one free copy.


For the 2020-2021 school year, students can obtain their textbooks and use their vouchers until 30 June 2021.

After 30 June, textbooks ordered but not yet collected from bookstores will be delivered to high schools and made available to the students concerned.


How to proceed

Necessary procedures

Students can connect to the MyBooks application using their personalized IAM login on a laptop, smartphone or touch pad.

There, they can access the list of mandatory textbooks to which they are entitled. They can then select the new copies of mandatory textbooks they wish to receive free of charge. The books are displayed in the application with their barcode. Students can then go to one of the bookstores participating in the programme and collect their books using the barcodes displayed in the application or printed out on paper.

Students in preparatory classes, reception classes, CLIJA classes as well as the students in European and international classes will receive their textbooks directly from their education establishment.

Students who are to repeat their school year are also entitled to free textbooks.


This financial support measure represent the equivalent of EUR 450 per school year and per child, depending on the classes and levels of education (classical secondary, general secondary, vocational education, etc.).


Students who already own or buy the textbooks concerned in the form of a used textbook is entitled to a personal voucher in their name which will allow them to purchase school material with a value equivalent to 50 % of the price of corresponding new textbooks.

This voucher allows you to buy books only (textbooks that are not free or other books).

Students must ensure that they have picked up all required textbooks from the bookstore before they generate the voucher. They can then go to MyBooks and click on the "voucher" (bon d'achat) button. The printed or saved voucher can be used in one of the partner bookstores.

As with the textbooks, students must make sure they have used the voucher before the deadline of 30 June 2021. After this date, it will no longer be possible to buy school equipment with the voucher.

Repayment of support

In case of fraud or abuse of the programme, or if the documents are falsified, the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth may demand the repayment of all or part of the aid and take legal action.

In case of loss or theft of textbooks, barcodes for these manuals or of the voucher, no refund or replacement will be provided.

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