The income tax return for the tax year 2023 is now available on

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With the online assistant on, filing your income tax return (model 100) is still quick and easy, as the procedure is fully digital from start to finish.

From the tax year 2023, the target audience that can use the online form has been further expanded. In particular, it is now possible to declare income from business profits.

This is a procedure requiring authentication, meaning that you need :

  • a LuxTrust product; or
  • an Luxembourg electronic identity card (eID).

You must also register on and create a private eSpace.

Please note that you cannot use an eIDAS device from another European country to electronically sign your tax return.

If you do not fall within the target audience of the online assistant, you can file your tax return by submitting the PDF version via or in printed format by post.

For more information, please see our information page.