Extended responsibility of producers of batteries and accumulators

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Producers and importers of batteries and accumulators are required to comply with specific rules for the recycling and recovery of waste batteries and accumulators.

Batteries and accumulators are defined as any source of electrical energy generated by direct conversion of chemical energy and consisting of one or more primary battery cells (non-rechargeable) or consisting of one or more secondary battery cells (rechargeable).

Who is concerned?

The principle of extended responsibility applies to any person who may be defined as a producer of batteries and accumulators.

A producer is any person who, on a professional basis, irrespective of the selling technique used, places batteries or accumulators, including those incorporated into appliances or vehicles, on the Luxembourg market for the first time.

How to proceed

Collection and treatment

With a view to maximising separate collection and achieving a high level of recycling, private end-users may bring their portable waste batteries and accumulators free of charge to the facilities put in place.

Batteries and accumulators are mainly collected in accordance with the following collection methods:

  • handover at collection points installed in container parks;
  • handover in the course of the mobile collections carried out by the SuperDrecksKëscht;
  • handover at collection points installed in shops or institutions (for example: schools);
  • collection of automotive batteries in numerous garages.

The first 3 collection methods are managed by the SuperDrecksKëscht, and the last one is provided by accredited collectors pursuant to agreements concluded with ASBL Ecobatterien.

Producer responsibility

Producers of batteries and accumulators are subject to extended producer responsibility.

As a consequence, producers of batteries and accumulators are required to fulfil a series of obligations.

Individual system

If a producer of automotive or industrial batteries and/or accumulators decides to organise the collection of those items itself, it must apply for an individual accreditation.

Individual collection is not permitted for producers of portable batteries and accumulators.

The application for individual accreditation must be made online on the website of the Environment Agency (Administration de l’Environnement).

Producers holding an individual accreditation for the collection of batteries and accumulators are required to annually submit a report to the Environment Agency. The annual report must be filed by no later than 30 April of each year via the online e-RA tool.

For further information, please contact the Environment Agency by email at: batt@aev.etat.lu.

Producers of automotive or industrial batteries and/or accumulators (other than portable ones) may also opt to join the collective system.

Collective system

Producers of portable automotive or industrial batteries and/or accumulators are required to become members of the accredited organisation 'Ecobatterien'.

Other producers may choose voluntarily to join the collective system.

In Luxembourg, Ecobatterien is the only accredited organisation capable of meeting the requirements imposed on producers of batteries and accumulators.

Producers of batteries and accumulators who wish to become members of Ecobatterien must download the membership agreement online (see under 'Online services and forms'), complete and send it by post to the following address: 11, boulevard du Jazz, L-4370 Belvaux.

Ecobatterien ASBL will then assume the obligations of its members.

For further information, please contact Ecobatterien ASBL by email at:administration@ecobatterien.lu or by telephone on (+352) 26 09 87-35.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

Ecobatterien Asbl

Environment Agency

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Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity

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