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In order to facilitate their registration, the present procedure aims to identify all persons who wish to be listed on the health reserve on a voluntary basis. Once registered, they can be contacted by the Ministry of Health and Social Security's health reserve team based on the needs identified in the field.

All persons who will be activated through the health reserve will benefit from an agreement or contract, depending on:

  • the applicant entity (internal entity of the State or an external entity);
  • their place of assignment; and
  • the option they choose.

Who is concerned?

The Ministry of Health and Social Security's call for registration on the health reserve list is aimed at anyone, resident or not, who:

  • has a 13-digit national identification number (matricule); and
  • wishes to support the health reserve.

Those who have already registered do not need to renew their registration.

How to proceed


Registrations are divided in 7 groups:

  1. Regulated healthcare professions
  2. Medical professions
  3. Junior physicians and medical students (4th, 5th and 6th year of study)
  4. Pharmacists
  5. Psychotherapists
  6. Supervisory staff for the 'geriatric care' sector
  7. Other persons

Registration is carried out online via a procedure, which can be found on the GovJobs website. This is a procedure without authentication, i.e. applicants do not need a LuxTrust product or an electronic identity card (eID).

Possible assignment locations

There are 2 types of assignment locations:

  • External entities
    • Hospitals
    • Home assistance and care networks
    • Residential facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities
    • Laboratories
  • Internal entites
    • Contact tracing
    • Hotline
    • COVID-19 consultation centres
    • Testing centres
    • Vaccination centres
    • Mobile teams (e.g. Impfbus) for vaccinations and/or information purposes
    • Refugee centres

Follow-up to the registration

External and internal entities report their staffing needs to the Ministry of Health and Social Security's health reserve team.

The team that manages the health reserve then sends requests by email or through surveys to people who have registered on the health reserve lists and according to the profiles sought by the various entities.

These surveys provide information on:

  • the requesting entity;
  • the professions and profiles sought;
  • the description of the tasks to be carried out.

After evaluation of the survey, the health reserve team provides the requesting entities with lists of persons:

  • who are potentially interested; and
  • who meet the required profiles.

Subsequently, the requesting entities themselves select the people on the list who best suit their needs.

Types of contracts and/or agreements for the provision of services activated through the health reserve

Given the multitude of situations that may arise, contracts, agreements and funding are managed by:

  • the applicant entity; or
  • the health reserve team.

For internal entities [Contact Tracing, Hotline, COVID-19 consultation centres, sampling centres, vaccination centres, mobile teams (e.g. Impfbus) with vaccination and/or information objectives, or, more recently, refugee centres], several options are possible:

  • fixed-term paid contracts as a State employee for medical and health professions;
  • voluntary agreements: payment of a one-off bonus;
  • voluntary work agreements: no remuneration;
  • fee-for-service and availability bonus: doctors working in COVID-19 consultation centres.

All persons who will be activated for external entities (hospitals, home help and care networks, residential structures for the elderly and people with disabilities, laboratories) will benefit from an agreement or contract managed directly by these entities.

Online services and forms

Online services

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Ministry of Health and Social Security

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