Applying for a residential parking permit

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In paid controlled parking zones in various communes throughout the country, residents with a parking permit can park their vehicle without having to observe the parking time limit in the sector of the commune where they reside.

Each commune determines its residential parking areas by communal statute, as well as the conditions for granting and the operation of residential parking permits.

Who is concerned

A residential parking permit may be applied for by anyone domiciled in a residential parking sector who is:

  • registered in the population register of their commune;
  • the owner or user of one or more vehicles. These rules also apply when a car is leased by a member of the household;
  • the user of a leased vehicle provided by their employer by virtue of an express agreement.


Residential parking permit holders are required to pay an annual tax, the amount of which varies depending on the commune.

How to proceed


Depending on each commune, there may be several types of parking permits (permanent permit, temporary permit, visitor's permit, professional permit, etc.) To find out which types of permits are available in a commune, vehicle owners/users should contact the communal administration in their place of residence. The number of permits that may be applied for per household also differs by commune.

When applying for a permit, the registration card of the vehicle(s) for which the permit is being requested must be attached.

Each commune may require additional information and supporting documents.

To be valid, the permit must be affixed on the passenger side of the inside wind-shield of the vehicle, so the front can be read from the outside.

The information displayed on the residential parking permit includes:

  • the registration number of the vehicle(s) covered by the permit (which may only be used with those vehicles registered on it);
  • the expiry date;
  • the public road sector(s) concerned (district of residence).

If the one or more of the conditions required to obtain a permit are no longer satisfied, the holder must immediately return the permit to the administration that issued it.


Depending on the commune, permits are renewed either automatically or on request, upon payment of the related tax, where applicable.

If the permit is lost or damaged, the holder may apply to the communal administration for a new one. If the vehicle is changed, the old permit must be exchanged for a new one.

Who to contact

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