mobile application Accessibility statement

The organisation "Government IT Centre (CTIE)" is committed to making its mobile applications accessible, in accordance with the law of 28 May 2019 on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies. This accessibility statement applies to the mobile application available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The application is designed to be used on smartphones running iOS 11 and later or Android 6 and later, as well as on tablet computers.

To use the application, users must have an account on

What is digital accessibility?

Everyone should be able to easily use and consult the information on a website or an app, in particular people with disabilities and/or using assistive software or specialised equipment (blind, partially sighted or otherwise disabled people).

Compliance status

The mobile applications are not compliant with the European standard EN 301 549 and the Reference Framework for the Accessibility Evaluation of Mobile Applications (RAAM) v1 implementing it. The reasons for non-compliance are listed below.

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is non-accessible for the following reason(s):


We are committed to correcting the following issues as soon as possible:

  • home buttons on iOS not working with keyboard and VoiceOver;
  • issues with keyboard functionality and semantics of some buttons (iOS & Android);
  • lack of alternative text on single pictogram buttons and toggle buttons (iOS & Android);
  • lack of accessibility support for views that are displayed on top of others and for reading content in the background (iOS & Android);
  • lack of an alternative to the QR code scanning functionality (iOS & Android), which is necessary for linking the device with the private or public eSpace and adding documents with the phone;
  • issues with the technical integration of the screen for entering a secret code (iOS & Android);
  • lack of alternative text on the 'Your eSpace' buttons;
  • issue with the accessibility of the button to change eSpace;
  • issue with clickable entries in menus for keyboard accessibility and weakness in reading with VoiceOver and TalkBack (iOS & Android);
  • issue with accessibility of the Filter button for keyboard navigation/screen readers (iOS & Android);
  • issue with the accessibility of the accordion buttons on the keyboard and with a screen reader (iOS & Android);
  • application not available in landscape mode (iOS & Android);
  • lack of description of the accessibility of the application in the help section or in the current accessibility page (iOS & Android);
  • absence of a support service complementary to the telephone hotline based on written communication (iOS & Android). Alternative: the team can also be contacted by email:;
  • lack of identification of headers in the application (iOS & Android);
  • issue with identifying status messages (confirmation and error) for playback by assistive technologies (iOS & Android);
  • lack of alternative text on the component indicating the number of digits entered for the password;
  • issue with the technical integration of some screens to avoid separate reading of content and interactive elements (Android);
  • issue with the adjustment of the reading of private/personal eSpaces by VoiceOver and TalkBack and keyboard navigation (iOS & Android);
  • issue with playback of VoiceOver and TalkBack search history and keyboard navigation (iOS & Android);
  • issue with the accessibility of the filter selection system (iOS & Android);
  • issue related to the unread communications icon on a map of a procedure (iOS & Android);
  • lack of accessible PDF documents (iOS & Android);
  • issue related to the contrast of dark grey on light grey for titles and texts (iOS & Android);
  • issue related to QR code animation when linking the mobile/add document (iOS & Android);
  • issue with reading/viewing decorative elements (Android);
  • issue with to the information carried by the colour when linking the device (3 steps) (iOS & Android);
  • issue with the appearance (colours and contrasts) of the component indicating the number of digits entered for the password;
  • lack of alternative text on text input fields (iOS);
  • issue with the contrast of the counters of procedures (iOS & Android);
  • issue with the contrast of red buttons (iOS & Android);
  • issue with the contrast of the green "Private" on the eSpace management screen (iOS & Android);
  • issue with input limitations on a device name;
  • issue with to the additional description of buttons that trigger the opening of a web page;
  • issue relating to links in text (iOS & Android).

Content not within the scope of the law of 28 May 2019

Documents and content provided by third-party administrations.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on 10 September 2021. The statements contained in this declaration are accurate and based on an effective conformity assessment of these mobile applications with the requirements defined in RAAM 1, such as an assessment conducted by the institution 'Idéance'.

Feedback and contact information

If you notice a lack of accessibility, send us an email to please describe your problem and the page on which it occurred. We commit to replying to you by email within 1 month at the latest. Within reasonable limits, the correction of the accessibility issue will preferably be carried out online such as to remedy the problem in a sustainable way. Should this not be possible, the information you requested can be made available to you in an accessible format of your choice:

  • in writing in a document or email;
  • orally in an interview or by phone.

Enforcement procedure

Should the reply be unsatisfactory, you also have the possibility of informing:

This statement is based on the document template defined in the implementing decision (EU) 2018/1523. This template is © European Union, 1998-2020 and is available under the following licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.

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