National Health Fund

The National Health Fund (Caisse nationale de santé or 'Gesondheetskeess' - CNS) is the central contact point for all insured persons in the private sector (employees, self-employed, those in receipt of a private-sector pension or replacement income) for health insurance and long-term care insurance matters.

The responsibilities of the CNS include in particular :

  • in the context of health insurance:
    • payment of health care and preventive medical measures;
    • payment of sickness or maternity benefits;
  • in the context of accident insurance:
    • payment of benefits in the event of an accident at work or occupational disease, on behalf of the accident insurance scheme;
  • in the context of long-term care insurance:
    • payment of the care and assistance required by a dependent person at home or in an inpatient facility;
    • payment of cash benefits to replace benefits in kind for a dependent person at home;
    • payment of technical aids and home adaptations.

The CNS welcomes all insured persons at its agencies throughout the country. The opening hours vary from one agency to another.

You can find the opening hours on the CNS website.

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