District Court

The country is divided into 2 judicial districts. Each district has a District Court, one in Luxembourg and one in Diekirch.

The judicial district of Luxembourg includes the cantons of Capellen, Esch-sur-Alzette, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, Mersch and Remich. The judicial district of Diekirch includes the cantons of Clervaux, Diekirch, Echternach, Rédange, Vianden and Wiltz. In order to determine which town or commune is located in a particular administrative district, you may consult your commune's fact sheet in the Luxembourg commune directory on the Syvicol site.

Each District Court has a youth and guardianship court, which is competent to make rulings concerning the protection of young persons and persons over 18 who are under guardianship.

District courts handle civil and commercial matters (when the subject of the dispute exceeds EUR 10,000, and, in the case of an appeal, the proceedings of the magistrate's court – except initial rulings made by the labour tribunal), and as well as criminal matters (criminal or correctional division).

Furthermore, district courts have jurisdiction for:

  • proceedings related to lease agreements (appeals against rulings made by the magistrate's court);
  • divorce proceedings (civil court);
  • summary proceedings for disputes where the claim exceeds EUR 10,000 (summary court);
  • marital status.

The court of appeal of the Supreme Court of Justice has jurisdiction over appeals against initial rulings made by the district courts. It has jurisdiction over civil, commercial, criminal and correctional matters, as well as over appeals against the initial rulings made by labour tribunals.

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