Early Years Support Service

Early years support encompasses all forms of help and support for children aged between 0 and 4 before pre-school. In addition to general supervision, this type of service offers early-years care for young children with special needs, and support for their families. Its role is to limit the effects of disabilities, mitigating developmental delays by means of physical rehabilitation, educational stimulation, socio-educational counselling and family support.

Early years support services include:

General services

  • Health and Social Welfare League (Ligue médico-sociale)
  • Early years rehabilitation service
  • Educational and therapeutic monitoring of young children and their families (SIPO)

Services relating to hearing and language disorders

  • Audiology services

Services relating to sight disorders

  • Orthoptic and pleoptic service
  • Institute for the visually impaired
  • Luxembourg Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired, asbl

Services relating to behavioural disorders

  • Information and Prevention Centre
  • Child psychiatry day centre 
  • Centre hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) – Children's Hospital – Child Psychiatry Department
  • Institute for autistic and psychotic children
  • Luxembourg mental health league (Ligue luxembourgeoise d'hygiène mentale)
  • Psychomotor consultation and support service (Service de consultation et d'aide psychomotrice – SCAP)
  • Benjamin Club (non-profit child development study and support group)
  • Childhood counselling service (Service de guidance de l'enfance – SGE)
  • Psycho-social support service (Service psycho-social)

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