Klima-Agence is the national agency for the promotion of the transistion to sustainable energy.

Its activities focus on the reduction of energy consumption, the promotion of renewable energy as well as sustainable construction and housing, while contributing to national economic development. Klima-Agence acts as a partner for all energy consumers and supports them in their efforts for a rational and sustainable use of energy.

Klima-Agence also acts as a facilitator for energy-related sectors and aims to contribute to tailored solutions that promote a more rational and sustainable energy use. Finally, Klima-Agence intends to valorize the insights gained through behavioural analysis of different consumer groups and energy actors in order to support the national policies of the sectors concerned.

In this sense, Klima-Agence offers a personalised basic energy advice service on energy efficiency and sustainable housing for private individuals. Consultation sessions are offered by phone (free hotline 8002 11 90) and by appointment at home and at the Klima-Agence infopoint regional offices located throughout the country. This basic advice is funded by Klima-Agence and the communes and informs on:

  • sustainable energy renovation of existing homes;
  • the construction of new sustainable dwellings;
  • promotion of renewable energy sources (solar, photovoltaic, and wood heating, heat pumps, etc.);
  • day-to-day energy savings;
  • the energy performance certificate
  • mobility;
  • the terms of available the state financial aids mentioned above (PRIMe House, low-rate and zero-rate climate loans, LENOZ certification);
  • the various aid available from municipalities and third parties.

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