National Centre for Continuous Vocational Training (CNFPC).

The National Centre for Continuous Vocational Training (Centre national de formation professionnelle continue – CNFPC) offers vocational training courses for unemployed young people under 18 to redirect them towards employment through traineeship programmes.

In general, the CNFPC offers courses that include:

  • guidance and introductory vocational courses;

  • continuing professional training and retraining;

  • apprenticeships for adults (DAP, CCP);

  • night courses and social mobility classes;

  • general or specific training for the needs of companies, professional sectors or associations at the request of the Ministry of Labour and Employment (Ministère du Travail et de l’Emploi).

There are 4 training centres in the country: in Esch-sur-Alzette and in Belval (in the South of Luxembourg), in Ettelbruck (in the North of Luxembourg) and in Strassen (in the centre of Luxembourg).

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