Requesting the Kulturpass

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The Kulturpass is a culture 'passport' set up by the non-profit organisation Cultur’All, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry for Family, Integration and the Greater Region, and the National Solidarity Fund with the aim of promoting equal access to culture and leisure activities for socially disadvantaged persons and groups. Cultural outreach actions and promotion efforts are also organised in connection with the pass.

The Kulturpass offers its holders free admission to museums and, for modest prices, access to performing arts and other events organised by the project’s cultural partners.

Who is concerned

Any Luxembourg resident who meets the eligibility criteria for the cost-of-living subsidy paid by the National Solidarity Fund, as well as any applicants for international protection is entitled to receive the Kulturpass.

How to proceed

Obtaining the Kulturpass

The Kulturpass is issued upon request and free of charge:

The form needs to be sent back to the relevant social partner or to the following address:

Kulturpass c/o Luxembourg-ticket
Rond point Schuman
L-2525 Luxembourg

The Kulturpass is delivered on the basis of a document providing proof of income and household composition.

Two types of Kulturpass

There are 2 versions of the Kulturpass:

  • for personal and individual use;
  • for use by an organisation: if approved, this type of Kulturpass is reserved for Cultur’All partner organisations working to combat social exclusion.

How the Kulturpass works

Kulturpass holders merely need to present their pass and ID to gain free admission to all museums and, with a payment of EUR 1.50, to any performing arts events offered by private or public cultural institutions that are project partners, subject to seat availability (between 2 and 50 seats are made available for Kulturpass holders).

In order to facilitate access to institutions, holders may be accompanied, on request, by a cultural outreach officer employed by one of the social partners.

Validity period

The Kulturpass is valid for one year.

Forms / Online services

Who to contact

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