Requesting the Kulturpass

The Kulturpass, which was created by the non-profit organisation Cultur'All with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region and the National Solidarity Fund (Fonds national de la solidarité - FNS), aims to promote equal access to culture and leisure for socially disadvantaged individuals and groups. Cultural outreach actions and promotion efforts are also organised in connection with the pass.

This 'Culture for All passport' allows free access to the partner museums, and the admission to shows and events organised by the cultural partners of the project is possible at a price of EUR 1.50.

Who is concerned

The people who can benefit from the Kulturpass are:

  • any person or family residing in Luxembourg who:
  • any applicant for international protection (including rejected applicants benefiting from the tolerated status).


The Kulturpass is free of charge.

How to proceed

Filing an application

After receipt of the application form, the applicant must collect the Kulturpass at one of the 16 Cultur'All collection points.

Supporting documents

The applicant must present him/herself at one of the collection points with :

  • an identity document;
  • the proof of the cost-of-living allowance issued by the FNS; or
  • the application form provided and signed by one of the social partners of the project

Two types of Kulturpass

There are 2 versions of the Kulturpass:

  • the individual and nominative passport;
  • the passport for associations: if approved, this type of Kulturpass is reserved for Cultur’All partner organisations whose objective is combating social exclusion.

Validity period

The individual Kulturpass is valid for 2 years. The association Kulturpass is not limited in time.

How the Kulturpass works

Upon presentation of a valid Kulturpass and identity card, the bearer can:

  • have free access to all partner museums;
  • buy, for EUR 1.50, an entrance ticket to a dance performance, concert, theatre, festival, film library, etc. proposed by the project partners, subject to availability.

In order to facilitate access to institutions, holders may be accompanied, on request, by a cultural outreach officer employed by one of the social partners.

Forms / Online services

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