Application for a building permit (or construction permit)

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Any construction, transformation or demolition of a building requires prior authorisation from the mayor of the commune.

The certificate issued by the mayor, stating that the planned construction has been duly authorised, must be posted in the vicinity of the construction site by the project’s contracting authority.

Who is concerned

Each person with plans for the construction, transformation or demolition of a building must apply for a building permit.


A building permit will only be granted if the works are compliant with:

  • the general development plan or project;
  • the special development plan or project, if any;
  • the development plan's or project's subdivision, revised subdivision or fragmentation and their graphic or textual elements.

How to proceed

Filing an application

The building permit certificate must be requested via an application form, which can be obtained from the communal authorities in the commune where the existing or future building is or is to be located.

Several communes offer document downloads on their websites.


In most cases, the application must be submitted to the mayor in writing.


For Luxembourg City, the building permit application form is available online. The application can either:

  • be downloaded and submitted by post; or
  • be completed online and submitted via the website.

Works may not be started until the building permit is received.

Supporting documents

The commune can request that several documents be attached to the application, such as:

  • a recent cadastral plan extract at a scale of 1:2500 for the parcel in question;
  • a site plan at a scale of 1:2500 (the scale may vary depending on the commune);
  • construction plans at a scale of 1:100 or 1:50;
  • a certificate from the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers (Ordre des architectes et ingénieurs-conseils - OAI);
  • where applicable, a layout plan at a scale of at least 1:200, showing contour lines, distances between constructions and with respect to boundaries, accesses to buildings, built volumes and the names of the buildings.

Validity period

The building permit will lapse if, within 1 year, no significant progress has been made in connection with the commencement of the authorised works.

This time limit may be extended by an additional year following the submission of a substantiated request by the beneficiary.

Who to contact

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