Participate in the Household Budget Survey (HBS)

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You may already have received or will receive an invitation to take part in the Household Budget Survey (HBS).

This survey is carried out in all European Union (EU) countries. In Luxembourg, it is organised by the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (STATEC). It is a valuable source of information for the development of social policies.

If a member of your household has been chosen by STATEC, you will receive an invitation letter by post asking all members of your household to take part in the survey.

Participation in the HBS survey is mandatory for the selected persons.

STATEC rewards all households that participate in this survey for their cooperation and effort. The amount of the reward varies according to the composition of the household.

You can take part in the survey online via Each invitation letter contains a unique access code, which is required to complete the questionnaire. The letter is also accompanied by a flyer that explains how to log in to the questionnaire on

More information is available in our information page.