Health certificate or free sale certificate for the export of foods (of non-animal origin) or of food contact materials

This page was last modified on 09-01-2018

Exports of foods of non-animal origin, of food contact materials or food supplements may require a health certificate or, depending on the destination country, a free sale certificate. These certificates are issued by the Food safety unit (Division de la sécurité alimentaire).

The health certificate attests the conformity of food, food supplements or food contact materials with European legislation or with the legislation in force in the destination country. It accompanies the goods when they are exported and is issued for a specific batch of goods only.

The free sale certificate attests that the goods are or can be freely sold in Luxembourg. The certificate can be applied for prior to an export of goods and does not apply to a specific batch of goods in particular.

Forms / Online services

Carry out your procedure:

  • With an online service

    • Demande de certificat sanitaire d’exportation ou de vente libre pour les aliments d'origine non animale et matériaux en contact
    • Certification de l'espace professionnel auprès de la Division de la sécurité alimentaire

Who is concerned

Each undertaking in the food sector (whether by a natural or legal person) active in the production, processing or distribution and that exports food of non-animal origin, materials that come into contact with food or food supplements can request such a certificate.

The export of food whose composition is mostly of animal origin is subject to a health certificate issued by the Administration of Veterinary Services (Administration des Services Vétérinaires - ASV).

Preliminary steps

In order to receive access to the online application forms, the business eSpace in MyGuichet must be certified by the Food safety unit of the National Health Directorate.

To have your business eSpace certified, you must attach:

  • a certification from the employer specifying that the employee has power of signature and acts in the interest and on behalf of the company (scanned document in PDF format);
  • a copy of the company's business permit (scanned document in PDF format).

Each food business operator must register with the Food safety unit each of the establishments they are responsible for and which are active in either the production, transformation or distribution of food.

Duration and deadlines

For first-time applications, businesses have to submit their application for the certificate at least one month prior to the planned export of the goods because the Food safety unit may carry out inspections.

Each subsequent application has to be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the export of the goods as samples for testing purposes may be collected.

How to proceed

Submitting the application

Applicants have to submit the online application for a health certificate or a free sale certificate to the Food safety unit via MyGuichet and must attach the following documents:

  • a copy of the invoice or delivery note;
  • an annex to the application if more than 5 goods are being declared;
  • the certificate of conformity with food contact (for materials that come into contact with food in the event of a first-time export or if the composition has changed since the last export), where applicable;
  • additional supporting documents required by the Food safety unit, if applicable.

Conditions for granting the certificate

The Food safety unit checks that the foods, food supplements or materials that come into contact with food are compliant with European legislation or with the requirements in the destination country.

They shall check:

  • the hygiene of foodstuffs;
  • compliance of the materials used;
  • the respect of cold temperatures and the cold chain;
  • compliance with microbiological criteria;
  • compliance of packaging conditions, labelling and traceability of the goods;
  • the existence of a Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP method);
  • the registration of the establishment of production, processing or distribution of foods.

The unit will check the compliance with food hygiene requirements, the temperatures and the materials used. It will also conduct laboratory analyses on samples.

The Food safety unit rejects the application when the goods are deemed to be dangerous or detrimental to human health.

Who to contact

Ministry of Health
3, rue des Primeurs
L-2361 - Strassen