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Since the beginning of the 2018–2019 school year, students in public secondary schools, and in private secondary schools applying the National Education curriculum, have been able to obtain compulsory textbooks free of charge.

The fact that the compulsory textbooks are free of charge has no impact on back-to-school allowances or other financial aid.

Who is concerned?

Students concerned

Students in:

  • general secondary education or vocational education at public secondary education establishments in Luxembourg;
  • European or international classes (International Baccalaureate, A-level) in the public school system;
  • private schools that apply the Luxembourg public education curriculum (École privée Fieldgen, École privée Marie-Consolatrice, École privée Sainte-Anne, Lycée privé Emile Metz, École privée Notre-Dame).

Students who repeat their school year are also entitled to free textbooks.

Textbooks concerned

The following books are provided free of charge:

  • compulsory textbooks that are required as part of the school curriculum;
  • textbooks that high schools have deemed compulsory;
  • the digital versions of these textbooks, if they exist;
  • compulsory course materials in the form of photocopies (in the absence of a compulsory textbook) received in school.

If a textbook is listed as part of the curriculum for several school years, students are only entitled to one free copy.


Students have until 30 June 2022 to complete the online procedures required to obtain the textbooks or use their vouchers. No applications for free textbooks will be accepted after 30 June.

How to proceed

Required procedures

Get your textbooks

The app
New textbooks

Students in both the general secondary education system and the vocational education system are asked to use the application, which can be accessed from any internet-capable device (desktop/laptop computer, smartphone or tablet).

After logging in, they can access the list of compulsory textbooks to which they are entitled. They can then select the new textbooks they wish to receive free of charge. The books are displayed in the application along with their barcode. Students can then go in to one of the bookstores participating in the programme and collect their books using the barcodes displayed in the application or printed out on paper.

Second-hand textbooks and vouchers

Some of the textbooks are available as second-hand items. If a student opts for a second-hand textbook, they will receive a voucher for an amount equivalent to 50% of the price of the new textbook.

The vouchers can only be used to purchase books (paid textbooks or other books) at partner bookstores.

When a student selects a second-hand book on and then clicks on the 'book voucher' icon, a voucher for 50% of the price of the book is automatically created. The voucher is valid until 30 June 2022.

To use the voucher, the student simply needs to show the voucher's barcode when purchasing a book in one of the partner bookstores.

Receiving textbooks from school

Students in preparation classes, reception classes, integration classes for young adults (CLIJA) and European and international classes in the public school system will receive their free textbooks directly from their schools.


This financial support measure can amount to the equivalent of EUR 450 per school year per child, depending on the class and type of secondary education (classic secondary, general secondary, vocational, etc.).

Repayment of the financial aid

In the event of fraud or an abuse of the programme, or if the documents have been falsified, the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth may:

  • require the repayment of the entire amount of the aid; and
  • institute legal proceedings.

If any books, barcodes or vouchers are lost or stolen, they will not be refunded or replaced.

Online services and forms

Who to contact

CGIE Helpdesk

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