Application for a certified copy of a document

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A certified copy is a duplicate, which is identical to the original document and which includes a specific statement by the party issuing the copy thereby certifying that it is a true and perfect copy of the original document.

Who is concerned

Any person can apply for a certified copy of a document in their possession.


The issue of the certified copy is subject to the payment of a tax. This chancellery tax must be paid to the communal administration.

How to proceed

Submitting an application

In order to obtain a certified copy, individuals must appear in person with their document at the population office (Bureau de la population) or the secretariat of the communal administration of their place of residence.

Certified copies are prepared on the spot by the civil servant on site based on the original document provided by the individual.

Presentation of a certified copy to a public administration

In order to carry out an administrative procedure with a Luxembourg government agency, a local commune or a public legal entity, certified copies of original documents can no longer be required for the completion of the administrative procedure if the original document concerned was issued by:

  • a public authority in Luxembourg; or
  • a public administration in another Member State of the European Union (EU).

If a Luxembourg public authority has doubts as to the authenticity of a certified copy issued in a non-EU country, it may request that the copy in question be legalised by the embassy or that an apostille under the 1961 Hague Convention be issued for the copy.

Who to contact

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