News about the EU Blue Card

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The EU Blue Card is a residence permit for highly qualified workers from third countries.

Luxembourg has recently adopted legislative changes concerning the status of highly qualified workers from third countries.

The new law makes the EU Blue Card more attractive to foreign talent by simplifying the application process, thereby meeting the needs of the labour market in the face of skills shortages.

Some of the key changes include:

  • the minimum duration of eligible employment contracts has been reduced from one year to 6 months;
  • the required salary threshold has been adjusted to correspond to the average gross annual salary in Luxembourg, which is currently EUR 58,968;
  • free access to the job market after 12 months instead of 2 years as was the case previously;
  • introduction of short-term and long-term mobility in other Member States.

To find out more about the conditions and procedures required to obtain the EU Blue Card, please consult our explanatory information text, which has just been updated.