'Biergerpakt' - Join the citizen's pact for intercultural living together via MyGuichet.lu

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Since 1 January 2024, the citizen's pact ('Biergerpakt') and the intercultural living together programme have been in force.

The 'Biergerpakt' is open to anyone of legal age who lives or works in Luxembourg and is a moral commitment which demonstrates the willingness of its members:

  • to participate in the intercultural living together approach; and
  • to promote the values associated with it.

Would you like to join? Then you must submit an online application via MyGuichet.lu. This is a procedure requiring authentication.

Membership of the 'Biergerpakt' is voluntary and gives access to the intercultural living together programme as well as to information and training modules which:

  • promote access to information; and
  • encourage civic participation.

Completion of the introductory modules to life in Luxembourg:

  • is taken into consideration when applying for long-term resident status;
  • allows access, under certain conditions, to the option procedure for applications to acquire Luxembourg nationality.

For further information please see our dedicated information page.