Registration for social security for the assisting spouse

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Any person helping his/her spouse to exercise a self-employed activity must be registered with the social security as an assisting spouse in order to obtain social security coverage.

The assisting spouse may however choose to be exempted from compulsory insurance.

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Who is concerned

The status of an assisting spouse is for persons aged 18 or more that provide services to their spouse (or partner), exercising a self-employed activity in his/her own name, up to a level that implies that these services are to be considered as a main activity.

The following cannot be registered as an assisting spouse:

  • an assistant who exercises another professional activity;
  • an assistant whose husband/wife or partner exercises a self-employed activity in the context of a company. However, the business must register the spouse as a salaried worker.


Conditions for registration of an assisting spouse:

  • the assistant and the main insured person must be married or tied by a registered partnership (civil union, civil partnership)
  • the activity in question must be the main activity of the assisting spouse. A 'part-time' affiliation (for sporadic working) does not exist.

How to proceed

Registration as an assisting spouse

The assisting spouse registers with the social security by sending a declaration form for assisting spouse to the joint social security centre (Centre Commun de la sécurité sociale - CCSS).

This form must provide information concerning:

  • the assisting spouse;
  • the main insured person

The CCSS sends an acknowledgement of receipt to the assisting spouse for verification of the data.

In the event of a change to these data or cessation of the activity, the CCSS must be notified.

Exemption from registration as an assisting spouse

The assisting spouse may opt for exemption from compulsory insurance.

The assisting spouse must send an application for exemption for assisting spouse to the CCSS.

In this case, the assisting spouse will receive no benefits in the event of an occupational accident, sickness or maternity. Similarly, the pension risk is not insured.

The application for exemption can be revoked by sending in a declaration form for assisting spouse.

The CCSS will not accept back-dated declarations or exemptions.

Voluntary membership to the employers' mutual insurance scheme

Self-employed workers and members of their family registered as assistants can join the employers' mutual insurance scheme (Mutualité des employeurs) voluntarily in order to meet any financial costs resulting from a loss of income in the event of sickness.

Voluntary membership of the employers' mutual insurance scheme is tied to and inseparable from the membership of the main insured person.

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