Using "MultiLine" to manage payments online

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MultiLine is an e-banking service made available by 8 banks allowing its users to access different services:

  • check account statements and balances;
  • make domestic, cross-border and international payments;
  • carry out direct debits with respect to invoices;
  • manage accounts in banks abroad using the 'request for transfer' (RFT) function (international cash management).

Objective: MultiLine is used to settle (pay) all types of invoices or contracts regardless of the underlying commercial consideration (payment of employees' salaries, purchase of movable or immovable assets, delivery of goods, tools, machinery, services, etc.).

Who is concerned?

The MultiLine service is suitable for any business who:

  • has more than one bank account;
  • must check the positions of different bank accounts;
  • carries out a large number of bank transfers each month;
  • deals with large payment amounts;
  • often uses direct debit;
  • needs to manage its foreign bank accounts;
  • needs to download payment order files and account statements with the possibility of automating exchanges between their accounting software and MultiLine.


The prerequisites to accessing MultiLine are the conclusion of a MultiLine service agreement and the obtaining of a LuxTrust certificate (which requires a minimum level of configuration in terms of equipment, system, browser and firewall).

How to proceed

Description of MultiLine


  • consult all bank accounts with a single connection;
  • manage bank accounts;
  • transmit national or international payment orders;
  • view account statements and information;
  • download payment order files and account statements;
  • search for and check data, etc.

The cost for using MultiLine consists of the cost for a LuxTrust certificate, the MultiLine contract and bank charges.

Set-up and execution times

The set-up time may vary from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the number of banks involved. This includes the time required to obtain the LuxTrust Smartcard.

A payment can be executed on the same day if the transfer is sent to the bank before a certain time (it can vary from one bank to another).

Advantages and disadvantages


  • easy management of several national and international bank accounts anytime and anywhere;
  • multi-user solution meeting the advanced management requirements of authorised signatories;
  • highly-secure centralised platform;
  • database memorising all bank details of beneficiaries, etc.;
  • solution simplifying cash management;
  • multilingual service (French, English, German);
  • based on modern (web-based) technology;
  • compatible with accounting programmes.


  • the LuxTrust certificate is a requirement;
  • minimum level of configuration needed on workstations with access to the service.

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