for private individuals and professionals

MyGuichet is a secure interactive platform on It allows administrative formalities to be carried out online with the competent administration in a safe and secure manner via a LuxTrust certificate.

The user completes his form online, signs it electronically, attaches the supporting documents and submits it via MyGuichet.

Since 6 February 2017, Java is no longer required for the authentification and signature on MyGuichet. All web browsers can now be used to carry out your online procedures.

However, the use of Adobe Reader or its plugin are recommended to properly display electronically signed PDFs.

Who can use MyGuichet?

MyGuichet addresses both citizens and businesses.

In order to carry out an administrative procedure online via MyGuichet, you must first meet several conditions:

  1. you must have aLuxTrust certificate;
  2. you must have activated your Luxtrust certificate and installed the LuxTrust middleware on your computer;
  3. you must have set up your computer accordingly (PC Windows or Mac OS) ;
  4. you must have created a secure eSpace on MyGuichet.

Why use LuxTrust?

Whenever you carry out an administrative procedure/formality via MyGuichet, the safety of your data is crucial.

The products from LuxTrust S.A. enable the safe authentication of users.

By using a LuxTrust product, you will have:

  • a signature certificate, enabling you to electronically sign your documents and online transactions with the guarantee that your legal electronic signature has the same legal value as a handwritten signature;
  • an authentication certificate, enabling you to easily connect to various state and private online applications which use LuxTrust services, with a maximum level of security. The connection authenticates your identity to the correspondent and guarantees that it is not someone else who is attempting to use your identity.

For any questions concerning electronic certificates, please refer to the LuxTrust website or contact the LuxTrust support centre directly:

Tel. helpdesk: + 352 24 550 550

E-mail helpdesk:

Monday-Friday from 8.00 to 18.00.

How to carry out an administrative procedure on MyGuichet?

There are 2 ways to carry out an electronic procedure:

  1. online via MyGuichet: you can complete a form online on MyGuichet, sign it and submit it to the competent administration via the MyGuichet platform;
  2. offline via MyGuichet: you can download and complete a form from on your computer, then go online on MyGuichet to sign it electronically and submit it via the platform.

What are the advantages offered by the online service MyGuichet?

MyGuichet allows the user to:

  1. collect in a dedicated secure eSpace all completed forms, supporting documents and personal data which may be reused for another administrative procedure;
  2. exchange personal data with the competent administration in a safe and secure manner by using the forms. Personal data saved in the private or business eSpace is accessible to the holder only and is used to prefill the forms started online;
  3. have a global overview of all procedures on a dashboard which indicates their level of progress;
  4. interact with the administration through a messaging tool (for the time being, this feature is limited to certain procedures only);
  5. manage the rights of the co-workers in the business eSpace: in order to suit the specific needs of a business and improve teamwork, it is possible for several co-workers to access the same business eSpace.


eTrackingIt is now possible to follow the processing of your administrative procedures by attaching an eTracking sheet to your paper form.

Carry out these procedures on MyGuichet

For private individuals

  • Request for a police record extract for a natural person Create
  • Income tax declaration 2017 Create
  • Applying for financial aid for students in higher education Create
  • Décompte annuel 2017 - Modèle 163 Create
  • Demande de l'allocation familiale Create

For professionals

  • Business permit application Create
  • Déclaration pour l'impôt sur le revenu, l'impôt commercial et l'impôt sur la fortune des collectivités résidentes pour l'année fiscale 2015 Create

Contact the helpdesk

A question ? A problem ? Contact the helpdesk by email or by phone (+352) 247-82000.