This page was last modified on 31-01-2018

myenergy is an economic interest group (EIG) supported by the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure.

Its tasks and missions are the result of the government's efforts to implement a sustainable energy policy by contributing to a better and safer energy supply and environmental protection.

Its missions are mainly to:

  • promote sustainable and renewable energies;
  • inform and foster awareness among the public, the communes and the businesses about the use of sustainable or renewable energy;
  • educate and inform the public, the communes and the businesses about energy savings and the rational use of energy (ex.: energy performance certificate, financial support measures for the purchase of low emission vehicles, etc.);
  • provide specific training and continuing vocational training in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies;
  • provide free basic advice either by phone or by appointment with an advisor at myenergy's offices or at one of the myenergy Infopoints in the country.
28, rue Glesener
L-1630 Luxembourg

Phone: (+352) 8002 11 90