Department of Vocational Training

Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

This page was last modified on 13-10-2016

The objective of vocational training is either to guide students towards a vocational qualification provided by a technical secondary school, or help those who already have a vocational qualification to adapt or develop their skills in line with recent progress or economic developments. In order to achieve this, the Department of Vocational Training (service de la formation professionnelle) is dedicated to the following activities:

  • vocational training and socio-educational assistance for unemployed persons and jobseekers;
  • continuous vocational training (CVT) bringing together the actual CVT sectors and social mobility;
  • training for adults who wish to complete their education (2e voie de qualification);
  • apprenticeships for adults;
  • arranging examinations at the end of the apprenticeship and for the Master Craftsman's Certificate.

Vocational training and training for adults are both part of the lifelong training programme.

Department of Vocational Training
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