Public Works Department

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure

This page was last modified on 13-10-2016

The Public Works Department (Département des travaux publics) is responsible for the general public works policy which includes:

  • the definition, design and orientation of the works required;
  • the setting of priorities;
  • the use of resources and control of expenses;
  • as well as the general coordination of works.

The critical analysis commission and the tenders commission are also under the supervision of the Public Works Department.

Two authorities fall under the jurisdiction of the Public Works Department:

  • the Public Buildings Authority, which is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings belonging to the State, as well as for carrying out investment projects financed by the public investment funds, the maintenance and renovation fund, and projects pre-financed on the basis of the buildings guarantee law (loi de garantie);
  • the National Roads Authority.

The Public Works Department must ensure the country has the necessary infrastructure (road network and public buildings) to support its economic development, and it thereby takes on the ensuing responsibilities.

Public Works Department
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L-1499 Luxembourg

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