Nature and Forestry Agency

Administration de la nature et des forêts

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The regional departments of the Nature and Forestry Agency (Administration de la nature et des forêts) are responsible for implementing the agency's projects. They cover the whole country and consist of 5 districts which are divided into 65 grades. The main responsibilities of the regional departments are:

  • to help implementing the National plan for the protection of nature;
  • to help implementing the National forest programme;
  • to implement action plans and programmes drawn up by the central departments;
  • to manage protected areas;
  • to protect, maintain and restore habitats;
  • to manage forests under the forestry regime in a sustainable manner;
  • to manage state and municipal nurseries;
  • to promote knowledge regarding:
    • forestry and ecological forestry techniques;
    • the maintenance of natural areas and landscapes;
  • to improve private forest structures;
  • to raise awareness and provide information to the public regarding forests and the protection of nature;
  • to manage visitors' centres;
  • to oversee work carried out in private forests with financial support from the state;
  • to oversee work carried out to improve the natural environment, with help of the State;
  • to enforce legal provisions and regulations to protect nature, forests and hunting rights.
Nature and Forestry Agency
81, avenue de la Gare
L-9233 Diekirch
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

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