Accreditation of a maritime company

This page was last modified on 21-03-2018

Maritime companies or managers who plan to set up in Luxembourg must obtain accreditation from the Minister responsible for maritime affairs before they can commence business operations. Following accreditation, they can register a ship and apply for a seaman's book for their crew members.

Applications for accreditation are processed by the Luxembourg maritime administration (Commissariat aux affaires maritimes - CAM).

Forms / Online services

Carry out your procedure:

  • With an online service

    • Application for certification
    • Application for accreditation as a maritime company
    • Application for accreditation as a maritime manager

Who is concerned

Accreditation can only be granted to a maritime company or a maritime manager.

Preliminary steps

Appointing the maritime manager

In order to be appointed as a maritime manager, applicants have to:

  • reside in Luxembourg;
  • provide proof of professional integrity;

Professional integrity is assessed upon the basis of criminal records and all the elements likely to establish that the person in question has a good reputation and provides the necessary guarantees for proper business conduct.

  • provide proof of the required professional experience;

Professional experience is based on the fact that the person has already carried out similar activities with a high level of responsibility and autonomy.


Where the maritime manager is a legal person, the managing bodies of the company must meet the same conditions as natural persons but also need to have the necessary infrastructure in Luxembourg to carry out their business.

A maritime manager can be in the employ of several companies.

Departure of the maritime manager

When the maritime manager leaves his employment, the Minister must be informed and the maritime company must have the accredited person replaced. The Minister can grant a period of maximum of 6 months to the company to have the maritime manager replaced.

How to proceed

Application for accreditation

The request must be submitted via MyGuichet and the applicant must, depending on his case:

Completed applications can be saved in the applicant's eSpace until the application is finalised.

When all the fields are completed, the system generates:

  • the form corresponding to the applicant's situation;
  • the list of supporting documents (police record, Curriculum Vitae, copy of the company’s articles of association, etc.).

Once the application is finalised and validated, it must be sent to the CAM via MyGuichet's secure electronic transmission system.

Following up on the application

Applicants can follow up on their application in their personal eSpace.

Who to contact

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