Iron and steel products - Import licence

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The import of certain steel products from Kazakhstan into the European Union is subject to annual quantitative limits which are determined by the European Commission.

Importers must have an import licence to import these products.

In Luxembourg, these import authorisations (called licences) are issued by the Licensing Office (Office des Licences) on behalf of the Commission administrative belgo-luxembourgeoise (CABL).

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Who is concerned

In order to import certain steel products from Kazakhstan into the European Union (EU), operators (natural or legal persons) must apply for a licence.

The steel products concerned are those whose customs tariff classification number (CN code) is listed in annexe I of Regulation (EC) No 1340/2008.



Before submitting a licence application, the applicant must know the exact tariff classification (CN/TARIC code) of the goods in question. The operator can find this information:

Duration and deadlines

Import licences are normally granted within 3 working days provided that all necessary documentation has been provided.

The licences are valid for several shipments, provided that the indicated quantities are not exceeded. The licence has a validity of 4 months which can be extended by another 4 months maximum.


How to proceed

Licence application

In order to import certain steel products from Kazakhstan, the importer has to submit a signed and original import licence application to the Licensing Office, together with the following documents:

  • an explanatory letter;
  • the original export licence issued by the competent Kazakh authorities;
  • a copy of the purchase contract;
  • a copy of the invoice (or proforma invoice).

In the event of justified emergency, the licence application may be submitted by email. In this case, the original application file must be submitted at the time the export licence is collected.

Using the licence

The operator must present the license to the customs at the time of the import declaration for the goods concerned.

The customs will stamp the license and:

  • return it to the operator if the indicated quantities have not yet been used up;
  • or send it back to the Licensing Office if the quantities have been used up or if the validity date has expired.

The operator must send his licenses back to the Licensing Office:

  • when the planned transactions have been concluded;
  • or within 10 days after the end of their validity date (even if they have not been used or only partially used).


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