Wood from Russia - quota authorisation

This page was last modified on 17-01-2018

The export of certain types of coniferous raw wood from Russia to the European Union is subject to tariff quotas.

Importers established in the EU must apply for a quota authorisation which will enable the Russian exporter to apply for the export licences at the Russian authorities.

In Luxembourg, quota authorisations are issued by the Licensing Office (Office des Licences).

Forms / Online services

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Who is concerned

Importers established in Luxembourg must apply for a quota authorisation at the Licensing Office in order to import the following goods from the Russian Federation:

  • spruce (Russian tariff codes 4403 20 110 / 4403 20 190);
  • pine (Russian tariff codes 4403 20 310 / 4403 20 390).

Exporters established in Russia must present their quota authorisation provided by their clients to the Russian authorities in order to obtain the necessary export licences.

Preliminary steps

Applicants must indicate the TARIC code corresponding to the Russian tariff code on their quota application.

The corresponding codes can be looked up in annex I of the Implementing Regulation (EU) No 498/2012 of 12 June 2012.

How to proceed

Application for quota authorisation

Importers must send the following to the Licensing Office:

Proof of actual import

15 calendar days after the end of each quarter at the latest, the importer must inform the Licensing Office about the actual imports carried out during the last 3 months.

Who to contact

Ministry of the Economy
19-21, boulevard Royal
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Postal box BP 113 / L-2011 Luxembourg
Phone: (+352) 22 61 62
Fax: (+352) 46 61 38
Email office.licences@eco.etat.lu