Technology transfer - Export permit

This page was last modified on 13-09-2013

The transfer of technology is not subject to authorisation in the European Union but export permits are mandatory for transfers undertaken with countries outside the European Union.

In Luxembourg, these pemits are issued by the Licensing Office (Office des Licences).

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Who is concerned

Anyone can request an export permit for the transfer of certain technologies outside the EU, i.e. the transmission of specific knowledge required for the development, production or use of goods listed in chapter E of the categories 0 to 9 in annexe I of Regulation (EC) No. 428/2009 (cf. last update of annexe I: Regulation (EC) No. 388/2012) in the form of:

  • technical documentation: blueprints, plans, diagrams, models, formulas, manuals and instructions either in written form or recorded on devices such as disks, hard disks, magnetic tapes, drawings, other engineering specifications, etc.;
  • or technical assistance: instructions, processes, practices, training, applied knowledge, consulting services, etc. (including by phone, fax, email, etc.).

Export controls on technology transfers do not concern public domain knowledge, fundamental scientific research or the minimum information required for patent applications.

How to proceed

Before transferring any technologies outside the EU, the exporter must apply to the Licensing Office for a special technology transfer licence.

The technology transfer licence must not be validated by the customs services but it must be presented upon request to any service competent in the matters of transfer controls and licences.

Who to contact

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