Gathering information on foreign service providers

This page was last modified on 20-03-2017

Some consumers and businesses are reluctant to use foreign service providers as they are unaware of the requirements that foreign service providers must meet in their country of origin.

In order to properly inform and enable them to compare service offers on EU level, Luxembourg provides assistance in gathering information on these topics.

Resident businesses and consumers may obtain information from the following Luxembourg bodies and administrations:

Who is concerned

Each resident Luxembourg business or consumer planning to use foreign service providers may collect information from these bodies.

How to proceed

Competent bodies & administrations

Businesses established in Luxembourg can contact:

Consumers living in Luxembourg may contact:

Available information

Businesses and consumers who are purchasing cross border services can obtain general information on:

  • mandatory requirements for service providers in their home country (e.g. if the foreign service provider is subject to a business permit in his home country or if he is subject to specific business-related qualifications to carry out his trade or profession etc.);
  • possible means of recourse in the event of a dispute between the supplier and the recipient of the services;
  • the contact details for associations or organisations providing assistance in the Member State of the service provider.

Who to contact

Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts
2, Circuit de la foire internationale
L-1347 - Luxembourg-Kirchberg
Postal box B.P. 1604 / L-1016
Phone: (+352 ) 42 67 67-366
Fax: (+352) 42 67 87

14, rue Erasme
L-1468 - Luxembourg
Phone: (+352) 42 39 39 - 330

Opening hours
from 8.30 to 17.30
2A, rue Kalchesbrück
L-1852 - Luxembourg
Phone: (+352) 26 84 64-1
Fax: (+352) 26 84 57 61

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