Transit of radioactive materials

This page was last modified on 02-05-2018

All transit of radioactive materials, whether they are transported by road, air, water or rail, is subject to a prior authorisation issued by the National Health Directorate (Direction de la Santé).

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Who is concerned

Each person organising or carrying out transit of radioactive materials through the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg must obtain prior authorisation.

"Transit" is the transport of goods through the country coming from a third country or an EU Member State and heading for another country.

This word is different from the word "transfer" which refers to the transport of radioactive materials between EU Member States, from the place of origin to the place of destination.

Example: if the country of origin or destination is Luxembourg, it is a "transfer" and not a "transit". In this case, the authorisation for the transit of radioactive materials is not required.


In order to receive prior authorisation for the "transit" of radioactive materials, the transporter must have an authorisation for the "transport" of radioactive materials in Luxembourg.

Moreover, in order to access the application form, the transporter's Business eSpace must be certified by the Radiation Protection Division.

How to proceed

Submitting the application

Applicants can submit their request to the National Health Directorate by:

The following documents must be attached to the application for authorisation for transit (in the case of transport by air):

  • a copy of the Air Waybill (AWB) (lettre de transport aérien LTA);
  • and, where applicable, a copy of the "Dangerous goods declaration".

Obligations for holders of an authorisation for transit

Holders of the authorisation for transit must keep a register and indicate for every shipment:

  • the commercial designation;
  • the quantity transported;
  • the name of the producer and address of the company;
  • the arrival and exit dates for Luxembourg;
  • and the place and country of destination.

Who to contact

Ministry of Health
Villa Louvigny, Allée Marconi
L-2120 - Luxembourg
Phone: (+352) 247-85647
Fax: (+352) 46 75 22