Licence authorising the reproduction of written works and still visual images

This page was last modified on 14-10-2016

The paper or digital reproduction of press articles or pages from books is common practice in business, administration and educational and training institutions.

It may even seem crucial for the distribution of information and transfer of knowledge.

However, it is advisable to respect copyright and publishing rights, which entail financial compensation.

A non-authorised copy is illegal and subject to sanctions. Hence, it is necessary to apply for a reproduction authorisation to the Luxembourg Organization for Reproduction Rights (luxorr)

The royalties collected through luxorr contracts are repaid, for the most part, to the copyright holders whose works are reproduced. Another part goes to support cultural development.

Forms / Online services

Carry out your procedure:

Who is concerned

Any natural or legal person wishing to reproduce work via photocopies, digital reproduction, and/or partial printing of works outside of the family setting or for private use must apply for a licence to luxorr.


The author must, via an accredited organisation, give authorisation for work to be reproduced.

This authorisation is granted via a copyright management agreement. It allows the rights to be transferred and leads to payment.

Preliminary steps

The business using the copies must state its needs in terms of quantity and type of copies (paper or digital), type of publication in which the copies will be reproduced (periodicals, scientific journals, etc.) and, where applicable, the titles and the authors.

How to proceed

The duly completed luxorr licence application must be submitted to luxorr.

The organisation will contact the person listed in the form to set up the contract.

Two types of contract exist: one for reproduction and the other for digital reproduction.

Reproduction fees (paper and/or digital) and contracts are set up on the basis of the declaration of the works copied according to:

  • genre;
  • title;
  • volume;
  • and duration of use.

The business will receive the contract authorising the work in question to be reproduced. If the above proves to be impossible, a flat rate is foreseen for the authorisation.

International agreements enable users to make only one application at the national organisation, which then transfers the royalties to authors and publishers abroad.

Who to contact

Gestion collective des droits d'auteur
179, route de Luxembourg
L-7540 - Rollingen-Mersch
Postal box B.P. 80, L-7501 Mersch
Phone: (+352) 26 68 35 76
Fax: (+352) 26 68 35 77