Apprenticeship subsidies and awards

This page was last modified on 07-03-2018

Employers hiring an apprentice under an apprenticeship contract can avail of financial aid intended to promote apprenticeships.

Following the successful completion of the apprenticeship, apprentices may be entitled to an apprenticeship bonus.

Forms / Online services

Carry out your procedure:

  • By downloading a form

Who is concerned

The financial aid is available to all employers established in Luxembourg who employ an apprentice under an apprenticeship contract.


Companies wishing to benefit from apprenticeship subsidies and allowances must be authorised to train apprentices.

Moreover, the trade or profession must be in the list of recognised professions and trades in the context of vocational training.

Duration and deadlines

Applications must be submitted before 1 July of the year following the year during which the apprenticeship ended.

Past that deadline, employers are no longer entitled to financial aid for the year concerned.

Example: for the apprenticeship year 2016-2017, applications must be sent before 1 July 2018 at the latest.

How to proceed

Initial application

Employers have to complete the application for financial aid and send it to the Vocational Guidance Department (Service d’orientation professionnelle) of the National Employment Agency (ADEM) by post.

Supporting documents

The application must be accompanied by the apprentice's salary slips for the period concerned.

Duration of aid

Aid is allocated per apprenticeship year (school year). The apprenticeship year runs from September to August of the following year.

Degree of aid

The Employment Fund (fonds pour l'emploi) pays the employer financial aid amounting to:

  • 27 % of the gross apprenticeship allowance paid to the apprentice training for a DT (technician's diploma), a DAP (vocational aptitude diploma) or a cross-border apprenticeship (TRF); or
  • 40 % of the apprenticeship allowance paid to an apprentice training for a CCP (vocational capacity certificate).

Employers can also request the reimbursement of the employer's share of social security contributions with regard to the apprenticeship allowance paid.

Who to contact

National Employment Agency (ADEM)
58, boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Place de l’Etoile / Stäreplaz
Maison de l'orientation
L-1330 - Luxembourg
Postal box B.P. 19 L-2010 Luxembourg
Phone: (+352) 247-854 80
Fax: (+352) 40 61 39

Opening hours
Mon.-Fri. from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 17.00