Export aid to cover promotion and exhibition costs

This page was last modified on 17-03-2017

The aid scheme for exports aims to support Luxembourg exports by offering financial aid to partially cover promotion costs in relation to exports.

The Committee for the Promotion of Luxembourg Exports (Comité pour la promotion des Exportations Luxembourgeoises - COPEL) which acts as a point of single contact for export aid granted by the Office du Ducroire, can help you with your procedures for the development of your export activities.

Forms / Online services

Carry out your procedure:

  • With an online service

    • Promotion des exportations luxembourgeoises - Demande de soutien financier

Who is concerned

Eligible businesses

Commercial companies, financially sane and with sufficient own capital, are eligible for support.

Ineligible businesses

In principle, businesses from the financial, insurance or real estate sectors are not eligible for this financial support.

Activities related to the production, transformation or marketing of agricultural products as listed in annex I of the Treaty concerning the minimis rule are not eligible.

Examples of eligible costs

Financial aid can be granted for the following:

  • design of promotional material (e.g.: brochures, etc.);
  • translation of promotional material (except in French and German);
  • participation in specialised trade fairs and exhibitions, seminars and conferences abroad;
  • advertising costs (e.g. instruction manuals, advertising films, registration on dedicated websites, etc.);
  • consultancy services for the launch of a new product or service, including the launch of an existing product on a new market;
  • opening of representative offices outside of Europe;
  • costs related to the certification of a product and the registration of a trade name in order to launch a new product on a new market;
  • participation in international public tenders in countries outside of Europe.

Current expenses related to export activities are not eligible (e.g.: travel costs in connection with market research, operational and print costs for brochures).


To benefit from export aid, the business must:

  • offer sufficient guarantees in terms of viability, and;
  • provide proof of the Luxembourg origin of the goods and services exported, and/or of the economic interest for the Luxembourg economy.

How to proceed

Submitting the application

Applicants must send their application for official financial support to the Office du Ducroire, together with the following documents:

  • the company’s articles of association;
  • the 2 last balance sheets or, in absence thereof, a business plan;
  • the business permit.

Applicants can submit their application via MyGuichet.

The COPEL will examine applications on a monthly basis.

If the application is accepted, the COPEL will send a letter of commitment with a validity of 6 months to the applicant.

In the event the financial aid is not needed within 6 months, an extension of 6 months can be granted upon request.

The request must be submitted before any costs are incurred.

The respect of the principle of precedence ensures the incentive effect of the financial aid granted as the COPEL does not finance measures which the company would have financed by its own means in any case.

A company which applies for financial aid must inform COPEL of the amounts of State aid already received during the past 3 tax years before the application was submitted.

Amount of aid

The financial aid granted can amount to 50 % of the costs incurred but can not exceed a EUR 200,000 limit over 3 fiscal years. Several intermediate limits apply to each category of eligible costs.

Reimbursement will only be carried out on presentation of invoices together with proof of payment.

Non-accumulation rules and repayment

Export aid granted according to the EU minimis rules can be combined with other minimis aid provided the EUR 200,000 limit is not exceeded.

Export aid can not be cumulated with any other State aid granted for the same expenses.

COPEL reserves the right to reclaim any aid already paid in the event of non-compliance with the minimis rules.

Who to contact

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Phone: (+352) 28 85 54 - 1
Fax: (+352) 28 85 54 - 99
Email odl@odl.lu