Capital grants for camp site establishments

This page was last modified on 03-02-2015

Financial support measures for camp site operators are aimed at encouraging investments concerning:

  • the modernisation or rationalisation of camp site infrastructures;
  • sanitation works carried out by existing establishments;
  • the rational use of ressources;
  • or the integration into a natural environment of a legally established and soundly managed camp site infrastructure.

The General Directorate for Tourism may grant subsidies amounting to up to 20% of eligible investments.

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Who is concerned

Eligible businesses

The following can benefit from the aid scheme:

  • private individuals, communes, associations of communes, tourist information offices and other non-profit organisations that support measures for tourism and which contribute to the creation of new camp sites;
  • owners or operators of existing camp sites who invest:
    • in the modernisation or rationalisation of their establishment (e.g. construction or modernisation of sanitary or recreational facilities);
    • in the promotion of the rational use of natural resources or the integration of a camp site in the natural environment;
    • in the develop an existing camp site;
  • owners or operators of camp sites who:
    • implement certification programmes concerning the quality of services, approved by the Minister of Tourism and recognised by the award of a label;

    • participate in a tourist fair or exhibition and who seek financing to cover for the costs concerning the lease of the exhibition spot, the set up and management of a stand, provided the owner or operator:

      • has previously been granted subsidies for the reasons outlined above during the 3 years preceding their participation in the tourist fair or exhibition;

      • participates in the fair or exhibition in order to promote the subsidised establishment;

      • participates in additional fairs and exhibitions which are not on the annual calendar of tourist fairs and exhibitions offered by the national bodies for the promotion of tourism.

Investments relating to pure and simple maintenance and renovation works as well as to the replacement of furniture which is not part of a larger modernisation project are not eligible.

Eligible investments

In order to benefit from these subsidies, the investments must have a general economic interest.

In any case, at least 75 % of the camp site pitches must be reserved for transit tourists (short-term visits); if the rate is less than 75 %, the amount used to calculate the subsidies will be in proportion to the rate, but it may not be lower than 50 %.

Among the 75 %, 25 % at most can be pitches intended for rental accommodation.

The camp site operator can distribute the conditions to be met over several years and illustrate his schedule in a project plan submitted together with the application for subsidies. The financial support will be paid out according to the fulfillment of the plan.

Owners or operators of camp sites of category II and III may only benefit from financial support if their camp site, after the completion of the works, meets the standards which are established for category I camp sites.

The creation of camp sites can only be subsidised if the new camp site meets the standards established for category I camp sites.

Duration and deadlines

The application for subsidies concerning projects exceeding EUR 43,250 must be submitted before the investments are made. The application will be analyzed by a Commission responsible for analyzing such projects and determining the amounts to be allocated.

How to proceed

Submitting the application

The applicant must submit the duly completed "camping" application to the Department of Tourism.

The application must be accompanied by:

  • a precise quotation;
  • and an investment financing plan.

Amount of financial aid

Financial aid is limited to the following maximum amounts:

20 % of eligible investments

10 % of eligible investments

  • works for the integration of the camp site in the natural environment;
  • works concerning the construction of a biological sewage treatment plant or the connection to an existing sewage treatment plant;
  • installation of a pump-out station for sewage disposal for recreational vehicles or caravans;
  • extension or refurbishment of sanitary facilities;
  • set up of pitches reserved for rental accommodation and investments related to the purchase of equipment to be rented out;
  • construction, development or improvement of recreational equipment;
  • investments intended to improve the rational use of natural resources;
  • investments related to installations in the interest of persons with reduced mobility;
  • investments related to the lease, set up and management of a stand on a tourist fair or exhibition;
  • implementation of certification programmes concerning the quality of services, approved by the Minister of Tourism and recognised by the award of a label;
  • any other modernisation or rationalisation works.


The financial aid is paid out in the form of:

  • either a capital grant, i.e. a single payment when the project is completed;
  • or interest relief.

Financial aid is paid on presentation of a final financial statement accompanied by the receipted invoices.


Beneficiaries of the subsidy lose all or part of the aid in the event the subsidised movable and immovable fixed assets are no longer used for the business purpose they were intended for at the time the financial aid was granted.

The beneficiaries must reimburse:

  • the full amount of aid granted if the change in business purpose occurs before a 5 year deadline as from moment the aid was granted;
  • half of the aid, minus 10 % for every additional year, after 5 years of business operation.

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