Registration of businesses in the food sector

This page was last modified on 08-02-2017

In order to guarantee the compliance of foodstuffs with national and European legislation and to allow the efficient organisation of official controls of food establishments, all operators in the food sector must be known by the competent authorities.

For this to happen, food business operators must notify the activities of food establishments under their responsibility to the Food safety unit (Service de la Sécurité alimentaire).

They shall notify the name of the establishment (e.g.: name of the restaurant, name of the day care centre - "maison relais", etc.) and the address where the activities take place.

The indication of the address of a fiduciary which is hosting the registered office is not permitted.

Moreover, they need to appoint individual persons who must ensure that the food establishments comply with food law. These individual persons will be the recipients of official control reports and the main contact point in the event of rapid safety alerts concerning food products.

Forms / Online services

Carry out your procedure:

  • With an online service

    • Registration of businesses in the food sector - online application

Who is concerned

Each business or establishment (public or private, for profit or non-profit) active in the production, transformation or distribution must be registered with the Food safety unit.

As a general rule, the activities listed concern all the businesses who are active in any of the steps related to the production, transformation and distribution of foodstuffs (except for slaughterhouses or businesses active in the feed sector who are subject to other types of registration).

Example: grocery shops, restaurants, crèches, businesses in the packaging sector or active in the export or import of foodstuffs, etc.

How to proceed

Registration procedure

Applicants are required to submit an online application for registration via MyGuichet. 

  • either by using the procedure with LuxTrust authentication;
  • or by using the procedure without LuxTrust authentication

Within 15 working days, the operator will receive:

  • either an acknowledgement of receipt as proof of registration;
  • or a letter requiring the operator to modify his application for registration.

The operator may commence operation as soon as the application has been mailed; it is not necessary to wait for the acknowledgement of receipt or the letter requesting a modification.

Notification of modification or of cessation of activity

Any modification or cessation of activity must be notified by the business operator to the Food safety unit via the online registration procedure on MyGuichet :

  • either by using the procedure with LuxTrust authentication;
  • or by using the procedure without LuxTrust authentication

Business operators are also required to notify a complete cessation of activity to the Food safety unit by email to, and by providing the following additional information:

  • name and address of the establishment;
  • registration number.

Who to contact

Ministry of Health
3, rue des Primeurs
L-2361 - Strassen