Installing a business sign or banner on the facade of the business

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Installing a business sign or banner on the facade of a business requires that the business manager respects certain obligations concerning the size and location of such installations.

If the projected sign or banner does not meet the applicable criteria or if the business is located inside a protected zone, the business manager must apply for an authorisation from the Ministry of Culture (ministère de la Culture) via the local commune.

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Who is concerned

All professionals can freely install a commercial business sign or banner on the main facade of their business provided that they respect the authorised dimensions and locations.

If the dimensions or the planned location are not authorised, the business must apply for prior authorisation.

Preliminary steps

When the project for a commercial sign or advertising banner is located 10 metres or less from a public road, the business must apply for a roadside permit (permission de voirie).

How to proceed

Signs/advertising not subject to prior authorisation

With the exception of certain protected sectors of the City of Luxembourg and certain locations, commercial signs and banners, illuminated or not, are automatically allowed with no other formalities, under the following conditions:

  • business signs can be fixed on each main facade of the business (i.e. each facade that has windows and gives onto the street);
  • all other advertising can only be fixed on one main facade with only one advertisement per item advertised;
  • signs or banners placed flat against the facade must not:
    • exceed 1.5 m2 of surface area, including the frame;
    • exceed the edges of the facade;
  • if the advertisement is made of individual cut-out letters fixed flat against the facade, they may cover a maximum surface area of 2.5 m2 (based on an imaginary frame holding all of the letters) provided that: 
    • each letter does not exceed 30 cm in height;
    • they are lit indirectly;
  • protruding signs or banners perpendicular to the facade must not:
    • protrude by more than 1.2 metres from the facade;
    • exceed the upper edge of the facade;
    • present any surface in excess of 0.5 m2
Placing a sign on the territory of the city of Luxembourg is subject to a building permit to be applied for to the city.

All advertising signs fixed to the same main facade, whether flat or protruding, must not exceed a total surface of 1.5 m2 (2.5 m2 for signs with cut-out letters).

If the advertisement has an artistic or historic frame, the surface of the frame is not included in the limit of 1.5 m2 (or 2.5 m2 for cut-out letters).

Signs/advertising banners subject to authorisation

A permit is required for signs and banners which:

  • do not satisfy the criteria of location and dimension;
  • are fixed to a mobile support that can be considered as fixed (removable panel or panel on wheels permanently in place, trailer parked for several days alongside the road, etc.);
  • are displayed on a fixed support (totem, flag, panel fixed to a post, etc.);
  • or are located in certain protected areas of Luxembourg City (in accordance with the General development plan) or in specific towns:
    • Beaufort,
    • Berdorf,
    • Bourglinster,
    • Brandenbourg,
    • Christnach,
    • Clervaux,
    • Echternach,
    • Ehnen,
    • Esch-sur-Sûre,
    • Hollenfels,
    • Holler,
    • Larochette,
    • Lellingen,
    • Mersch,
    • Remich,
    • Schoenfels,
    • Septfontaines,
    • Useldange,
    • Vianden,
    • Weicherdange and
    • Wellenstein).

The installation of any sign or advertisement related to tobacco, its products or ingredients associated with tobacco is prohibited, with the exception of panels or signs affixed to buildings establishments where tobacco products are manufactured or stored. Thus, a tobacco shop can be identified by a sign such as "Tobaccoshop XY" but it cannot add the name of a tobacco product.

Authorisation procedure

When the planned installation requires a permit, the business must send an application for a permit to the administration of the commune where the business is established before installing the sign or banner.

The application must include the following documents:

  • a justified application (on plain paper, on a form supplied by the commune if one exists or by using the application form for a permit to install a business sign/advertising banner supplied by the Department of national sites and monuments (Service des sites et monuments nationaux);
  • a listing of all the company signs and advertising banners already fixed to the building or on the ground;
  • an extract from the land register (cadastral extract) indicating the plot;
  • a recent photo of the entire facade or the planned location indicating the planned spot for the advertisement (for a building under construction, one should attach a drawing representing the building indicating the planned location of the advertising banner);
  • a scale drawing of the advertising banner, indicating precise dimensions, text, design and execution (materials, colours, luminosity);
  • if possible, a simulation showing the impact of the advertising banner on the building and the surroundings.

The commune will forward the dossier, together with its opinion, to the Ministry of Culture for a decision.

The applicant may install his banners and/or signs upon reception of a positive response from the Ministry of Culture.

If the response is negative or failing a response, installation of the sign or banner is not authorised.

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