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The "Made in Luxembourg" label is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts aimed at identifying the Luxembourg origin of goods and services.

Represented by an easily identifiable logo, this label allows businesses established in Luxembourg to promote the Luxembourg know-how regarding their products or services and to distinguish themselves, namely abroad in the framework of an internationalisation strategy.

The label and its right of usage are granted on request by the producer of the goods or services:

The supervisory board, comprising a representative of each of the 2 professional chambers, ensures high supervision over the "Made in Luxembourg" label and can impose sanctions for any breach of the conditions of use and control.

Forms / Online services

Carry out your procedure:

Who is concerned

The "Made in Luxembourg" label may be granted to individual or commercial companies, except:

  • non-profit associations (association sans but lucratif, asbl);
  • and public interest institutions.


The "Made in Luxembourg" label is only granted to Luxembourg products or services, i.e.:

  • goods obtained in Luxembourg;
  • goods whose last working or substantial processing resulting in the production of a new product or constituting an important manufacturing stage took place in Luxembourg and was carried out by a Luxembourg provider equipped for that purpose;
  • service provisions carried out by a provider who has a permanent establishment in Luxembourg and regularly carries out activities in Luxembourg.
    If the service provision is limited to the assembly of imported products, to the conception and development of a product or to the provision of counsel, the provider must prove that he has a particular know-how, or respect the professional rules specific to Luxembourg and that constitute one of the particular characteristics of said provision of service.


Granting of the "Made in Luxembourg" label is subject to the payment of a EUR 150 fee.

This sum is to be paid once by transfer to one of the accounts of the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts after the invoice is received.

How to proceed

Application for the label

To get the label, applicants must submit an online application on the website of the "Made in Luxembourg" label.

The online procedure follows 4 steps. Applicants must:

  • once they are on the website of the label, select the chamber they are affiliated to (Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts);
  • enter the data relating to the company (name, address, phone number, logo, etc.);
  • indicate the products or services concerned (with photographs, brochures or leaflets deemed useful to support their application);
  • answer one last questionnaire comprising questions relating to:
    • the objective of the label for the company;
    • the company's integration in the Luxembourg economy;
    • the possible use of other labels, etc.

After a summary of the information provided, the company will be contacted by a member of the label's surveillance council in order to, where applicable, set an interview and check if the application is admissible.

Granting the label

The "Made in Luxembourg" label:

  • is only granted for Luxembourg products and services (see "Prerequisites");
  • is granted, after the payment of a EUR 150 fee, in principle for 5 years and can be renewed.
    After using the label for 5 years, the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts contact the company in order to renew the label provided said company wishes to do so;
  • is not granted if its usage is likely to mislead consumers or discredit the label;
  • may be refused or withdrawn from businesses if they simultaneously import goods that are identical or similar to "Made in Luxembourg" products or services, which could lead to confusions or misuse of the label, and if they are not able to provide the necessary guarantees;
  • cannot be granted together with foreign symbols or similar foreign indications and no geographical indication other than the Luxembourg one may be displayed next to the label.

Rights and obligations of the beneficiary

Rights of the beneficiary

If the "Made in Luxembourg" label is granted, businesses receive a certificate allowing them to:

  • display the logo of the label on the authorized products, including on packaging, through:
    • labels;
    • marks woven, printed, casted, stamped, pressed or other;
  • display the logo on promotional tools directly relating to the authorised product(s) or provision(s) of services, namely:
    • writing paper;
    • envelopes;
    • invoices;
    • commercial offers;
    • brochures;
    • promotional material;
    • internet website, etc.
  • use its own trademark together with the "Made in Luxembourg" label.

Obligations of the beneficiary

If the "Made in Luxembourg" label is granted, the company:

  • commits itself to use the label according to the conditions of use and control, namely regarding how the logo is traced (crown with the denomination "Made in Luxembourg"):
  • allows its coordinates to be published on the websites of the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts, as well as to be communicated to other institutions, administrations or associations.

In the event that the Made in Luxembourg" label is not granted, the decision of the label's supervisory board is not open to appeal.

Who to contact

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