"EureWelcome" quality label

This page was last modified on 08-05-2017

The EureWelcome label, granted by the Ministry of the Economy in collaboration with the Info-Handicap national centre, is based on the concept of "design for all".

It is awarded to tourist establishments or events for their accessibility and hospitality efforts to meet the needs of all visitors, including visitors with disabilities.

To receive the label, interested companies must meet certain basic requirements in terms of architectural accessibility and hospitality.

Forms / Online services

Carry out your procedure:

  • By downloading a form

    • Label "EureWelcome" - demande de certification

Who is concerned

The "EureWelcome" label is granted to service providers in the tourism, leisure and commerce sectors for their special efforts in terms of accessibility and hosting of visitors, including persons with disabilities.


Surroundings of the tourist site

The surroundings of the site must have:

  • a private parking or a parking space reserved for disabled persons within a 100 meter radius at the most (except for sites with difficult terrain);
  • a barrier free access to the entrance (e.g. no high sidewalks).

Entrance to the tourist site

The entrance to the site:

  • must not have steps (maximum height of doorstep is 2.5 cm);
  • must have a door with a minimum width of 80 cm in order to offer free access to people with reduced mobility.

Interior of the tourist site

Horizontal path

Inside the site:

  • the minimum width of the doors must be 80 cm;
  • the minimum width of the corridors must be 80 cm;
  • the minimum width between the pieces of furniture must be 80 cm (or it must be possible to move the furniture if needed).

Vertical path

The interior of the site cannot have steps or must be equipped with an elevator.

Bathrooms and toilets

Bathrooms and toilets are specific rooms that must be fitted out with:

  • enough room (at least 1.5 meter in diameter) so as to be able to move around with the door closed;
  • seating assistance devices (a stool or folding seat) in the shower.

All accessibility criteria are available online.

How to proceed

Application for the "EureWelcome" certification

Interested businesses must fill out an application for the "EureWelcome" label and send it to the national information and meeting centre for disabilities "Info-Handicap" at the following address:

65, avenue de la Gare
L-1611 Luxembourg

Evaluation of accessibility

Each establishment that has applied will receive the "EureWelcome" label provided a qualified inspector has deemed it to be compliant with the accessibility criteria in force.

The "EureWelcome" label may be granted to establishments that do not yet fully meet the criteria in force, provided the service provider shows the will to compensate for the possible shortcomings by giving a respectful welcome to visitors and paying particular attention to people with special needs.

Certification cost

The certification cost for obtaining the label is calculated based on the amount of work time necessary to complete the evalutation, i.e. EUR 300 (basic price for a tourist site requiring an on-site evaluation of maximum 2 hours).

This amount includes:

  • an inspection of the premises;
  • a detailed technical description of the site's accessibility;
  • a 2-hour training of the staff regarding the reception of visitors with special needs.
    If, for any reason, it is not possible to organise such a training, the cost for obtaining the label is EUR 200 (for an on-site evaluation of maximum 2 hours);
  • the publication of the establishment's information on the website www.welcome.lu, on other cultural and tourist websites recognised at national, interregional and European levels, as well as in brochures.

The label is valid for one year. Every year, the manager of the site will be contacted in order to renew his annual subscription for the amount of EUR 50.

The label may be withdrawn at any moment if the information gathered on the site is not valid anymore.

Who to contact

Ministry of the Economy
19 - 21, boulevard Royal
L-2449 - Luxembourg
Postal box BP 86, L-2937
Phone: (+352) 247-84751
Fax: (+352) 47 40 11
Email dany.duarte@eco.etat.lu