International Trade

A new information portal for logistics and international trade

This page was last modified on 08-02-2018

Around 20 administrations and State services have worked together to centralise their information on the logistics portal "Single Window for Logistics".

This portal gathers together the services offered by administrations like:

  • the Customs and Excise Agency (Administration des douances et accises - ACD);
  • the Luxembourg Land Registration and Estates Department (Administration de l'enregistrement et des domaines - AED);
  • the Licensing Office (Office des licences);
  • the Chamber of Commerce;
  • the Environment Agency (Administration de l'environnement).

The aim is to:

  • promote Luxembourg as a European Hub for logistics;
  • highlight multimodal platforms and the high value-added services of companies based in Luxembourg;
  • explain the steps to follow in order to set up or develop logistics activities in Luxembourg;
  • simplify administrative formalities related to the import, export and transit of goods.

Your data exchange is simplified and dematerialised with all the actors on the supply chain.

This new portal interacts with our website to improve the efficiency of your procedures!