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Changes in maternity leave and adoption leave

This page was last modified on 04-01-2018

Whether through birth or adoption, the arrival of a new child entitles all parents who are employees, self-employed, or apprentices to a certain amount of leave.

As of 1 January 2018, new provisions have come into force concerning the duration of maternity leave and adoption leave.

For a mother who has just given birth, maternity leave is now 12 weeks, starting on the actual date of birth.

This leave is in addition to prenatal maternity leave, which begins 8 weeks before the expected date of delivery.

For a mother or father who adopts a child, the adoption leave is now automatically 12 weeks, staring on the adoption date communicated to the CNS.

As a reminder, this leave is only granted to one of the two spouses.

A person taking a leave of absence for the arrival of a child is entitled to a monthly monetary allowance for the entire duration of his leave. This compensation is paid, depending on the case, by the mother's health fund (in case of a birth), or by the CNS (in case of an adoption).