Public archives

All documents, including data:

  • regardless of their date, place of storage, material form and support;
  • produced or received by the State administration and services, communes, associations of communes, public institutions of the State and its communes, the Chamber of Deputies, the Council of State, the Ombudsman, the Court of Auditors, the Grand Ducal Institute, the Grand Ducal Court in respect of documents relating to the function of the Head of State, the Archdiocese of Luxembourg, the Consistories of the Protestant Church and the Reformed Protestant Church in Luxembourg, the Administrative Consistory of the Protestant Church of Luxembourg, the Israelite Consistory, the Anglican Church of Luxembourg, the Orthodox Church in Luxembourg, the Hellenic, Romanian, Serbian and Russian Orthodox Churches established in Luxembourg, the Shoura, the Assembly of the Muslim Community of Luxembourg and the Fund for the management of religious buildings and other property belonging to the Catholic faith;
  • the minutes and registries of notaries.

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