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Can I retroactively purchase contributions for the years I spent studying?

Years spent studying or in professional training are not part of the periods for which contributions can be purchased.

Such period completed between the ages of 18 and 27 may nevertheless be taken into account to make up the 40-year contribution period needed to retire at age 60.

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Can I seek treatment that is more suited to my case outside of Luxembourg?

All scheduled hospitalisations require prior authorisation from your health insurance fund.

If you wish to travel to another EU country for treatment, you cannot use your European health insurance card to do so.

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I would like to obtain a European social security card for my children

To order a European social security card, follow this link: Order your European social security card.

I'm pregnant. Will my European health insurance card cover any medical care I may need while I am in another Member State?

Yes. If you have an emergency while you are temporarily abroad, the card entitles you to coverage of all medical treatment in connection with your pregnancy, including birth.

If you are not planning on giving birth in Luxembourg, please contact your health insurance fund for more information.

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If I become ill while on holiday, will I be able to take a "real holiday" at a later time?

If an employee falls ill while on holiday, any days of illness attested to by a medical certificate are not considered leave. The leave must then be re-scheduled by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee.

Employees on leave in Luxembourg must notify their employer by sending them a medical certificate within 3 days. If they are abroad, they must take all necessary steps to ensure that the certificate reaches their employer as soon as possible.


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I'm on sick leave. Who should I notify and when?

On their first day of absence, employees must inform their employer, or their representative, of their incapacity for work as soon as possible. Such notification may be given either verbally or in writing (e-mail, fax or text message), in person or through an intermediary. In addition, the employer must have received a medical certificate (Sheet 2) certifying the incapacity for work and how long it is expected to last by the third day of absence.

Health insurance beneficiaries must also send their medical certificate to the relevant health insurance fund by no later than the third day of their incapacity for work.

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As a non-resident working in Luxembourg, can the National Health Fund check up on me if I report that I am unable to work?

The National Health Fund (Caisse nationale de santé) may carry out administrative check from the first day of your incapacity for work. The checks take place between 8 am and 9 pm, and concern both residents and non-residents.

When a check is carried out, a report is drawn up confirming either the worker's presence, or an infringement if they are absent. In the latter case, the inspector leaves a notice at the place where the check was carried out, and the employee is required to justify their absence within 3 working days of the check.

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