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Can I bring my pet to the restaurant?

The general ban on pets in places for the exlusive consumption of food (restaurants, cake shops, etc.) has been abolished.

Persons who run such establishments are therefore free to decide whether they will allow pets in their premises or not. If pets are allowed in these premises, the hygienic conditions must be fully complied with and appropriate measures must be in place in order to prevent pets from getting access to the places where the food is prepared, treated or stored.

Which competent authority can issue an apostille?

The Passport, Visa and Legalisation Office at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE) is the competent Luxembourg authority which can legalise an official document by attaching an apostille to it (special stamp).

Useful links: Légaliser des actes luxembourgeois destinés à l’étranger (legalising official Luxembourg documents for use in a foreign country).

I plan to present my baby to my family abroad. Does the baby need a travel document in his/her own name?

Yes, even your baby needs to have a personal travel document. Babies require at least their own identity card for travel within the EU and, in principle, a passport for travel outside the EU. Since the institution of the biometric passport, your child can no longer be listed on your passport and therefore requires to have his/her own.

Persons of Luxembourg nationality can chose whether they want a passport (to be applied for at the population's office - bureau de la population) or an identity card (to be applied for at the eID applications service at the Government IT Centre (CTIE) or at the communal administration of their place of residence). Non-Luxembourg nationals need to forward their application to their embassy or consulate in Luxembourg.

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I need a criminal record certificate. Can I have a third party apply for it on my behalf?

A third party can apply for a criminal record basic disclosure certificate on your behalf, provided they provide a one of your identity documents (birth certificate, family booklet, certificate of nationality, ID card or passport) when doing so.

The certificate will be sent to your home address.

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What are the administrative formalities if I leave Luxembourg permanently?

First you will need bring an identity document and declare the move to the communal administration of your place of residence.

You will also have to indicate the address of your new place of residence. A copy of your declaration of departure will be issued to you.

You must also inform the Luxembourg Inland Revenue of your departure and that you no longer need a tax card. If you have already received it, it should be returned with the indication "plus d'activité au Luxembourg" (no more activity in Luxembourg).

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I recently moved to Luxembourg and am not a Luxembourg national. My future employer has requested an extract from the police records from me. Which national jurisdiction shall I go to?

You should go to the jurisdiction in the country where you reside, in this case, Luxembourg.

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