eTracking is a feature which enables users to monitor the administrative processing of a form sent by post to a public administration. This is made possible by an eTracking number which will be automatically generated and associated with the administrative procedure.

eTracking is optional. The eTracking procedure can be selected at the time of downloading the form.

This new feature which aims to improve the transparency of the processing of procedures is currently being implemented. It will be extended to an increasing number of administrative procedures over time.

In order to benefit from eTracking, users must download the form "With eTracking" on

Or they can directly access the procedure of their choice.

How to proceed

  1. When clicking on the form, the user is invited to complete a CAPTCHA test. This 1st step is necessary to ensure that a human is attempting to access the application and not a computer.
  2. The user then chooses whether they want to be informed about the advancement of the procedure by email and/or by SMS. Depending on the choice, the user must enter their valid email address or their mobile phone number.
  3. The system will then generate an eTracking number.
  4. The user must print out the eTracking sheet with the eTracking number.
  5. The form for the procedure itself must be downloaded and completed by the user.
  6. The completed form and eTracking sheet have to be sent by post, in the same envelope, to the administration concerned.

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