Managing my company profile

Once you have created a business eSpace, you can complete and manage the profile of your business (or the business you represent) to make it better suited to your needs. The profile contains 3 sub-topics:

  • the information sheet;
  • users;
  • certifications.

If there are several people working in the same business eSpace, all users with an administrator role can also complete and manage the company profile.

What is the purpose of the information sheet? What information can I enter?

You can add and change information about your company (or the company you represent) at any time in the information sheet to speed up the pre-filling of certain online procedures. This way, you do not need to fill in the same information every time.

You can, for example, add the following information:

  • the company name and identification;
  • the registered head office address;
  • the bank details;
  • associated organisations;
  • key dates and figures.

Please note that this is merely additional information that you can choose to add to your business eSpace. Only the information you provide as part of an online procedure is visible to the administration or public body concerned. They do not have access to your company profile and the information it contains at any point.

You can also change the name of your business eSpace and choose a preferred language for all procedures with authentication.

How can I manage users and their access rights?

If you want to know how to manage users and their access rights in a business eSpace, please consult the specific help page on this subject.

What is a certification and how can I request it for my eSpace?

If you need more information on the certification of a business eSpace, please consult the specific help page on this subject.

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You can access the 'My eSpace profile' section either from the home page or by clicking on the name of the business eSpace in the header bar and then on 'My eSpace profile'.

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