Managing my profile

Once you have created a private eSpace, you have the possibility to complete your profile so that it is more suited to your needs. In the 'My eSpace profile' section, you can add and change information about yourself at any time. Adding this information allows you to speed up the pre-filling of certain online procedures and saves you from having to fill in the same information each time.

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You can access the 'My eSpace profile' section either from the home page or by clicking on your name in the header bar and then on 'My eSpace profile'.

You can, for example, add the following information:

  • your contact details (telephone number, email address, etc.);
  • your professional status;
  • your tax data (tax office, insurance premiums, etc.);
  • your bank details.

Please note that this is merely additional information that you can choose to add to your private eSpace. Only the information you provide as part of an online procedure is visible to the administration or public body concerned. They do not have access to any information you have added to your profile at any time.

In the previous version of, the data recorded in the National Registry of Natural Persons (RNPP) was also listed in your profile. However, this data is an authentic source which you can now find under the 'Citizenship' heading in the 'My data' section.

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