Filing a procedure with authentication and monitoring its status

With, it is possible to submit procedures online, with or without strong authentication. These procedures are dynamic forms (also called 'online assistants') which:

  • guide you step by step through the questionnaire; and
  • adapt automatically, depending on the answers provided.

'With authentication' means that you need an authentication product (LuxTrust, eID or eIDAS) to log on to You must also create a private or a business eSpace, depending on whether the online procedure is aimed at citizens or businesses.

Online procedures intended for citizens cannot be submitted via a business eSpace, but only via a private eSpace. In the same manner, online procedures intended for businesses cannot be submitted via a private eSpace, but only via a business eSpace. 

Please note that the procedures for certain sectors of activity (food safety, social elections, etc.) are only accessible via a certified business eSpace.

If you want to complete a procedure requiring authentication, you can find the procedure in 2 ways:

  • directly on; or
  • in the corresponding information page on
I would like to launch an online procedure on What do I need to do?
  1. Log in to
  2. Go to the home page of the private or business eSpace in which you wish to launch the procedure.
  3. Click on 'New procedure'.
  4. You will get access to the list of all available procedures (previously accessible via the procedures catalogue in the navigation bar).
  5. You can search for a procedure by keyword or theme. On this page, you will also find a personalised list of your frequently used procedures.
  6. Click on 'Create' to start completing the procedure.
I would like to launch an online procedure from the corresponding information page on What do I need to do?
  1. Go to
  2. Look for the information page concerning the procedure you would like to complete on
  3. In the overview of the information page, you can find a direct link to the online services.
  4. Click on 'Go to the procedure' to begin.
  5. Some procedures are available with or without authentication. In this case, you are first redirected to a page where you will need to choose ('Access to'). Click on 'Continue with authentication'.
  6. In this case, log in on if you haven't already done so.
  7. You can now start completing the procedure.
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Whichever way you choose: when you have created a procedure with authentication, you can find it in the section 'My procedures'.

Procedures intended for citizens can be found in your private eSpace, whereas procedures intended for businesses can be found in the business eSpace in which you created the procedure.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of a procedure with authentication?

Whether the procedure is intended for citizens or businesses, a procedure with authentication has several advantages, such as:

  • the pre-filling of the fields with the data held by public administrations and bodies (also known as 'authentic sources');
  • the possibility to put your procedure on hold at any time and resume it later;
  • the monitoring of the procedure's processing status;
  • the consultation of messages (request for information, additional information, etc.) received from public administrations and bodies;
  • where applicable, the consultation of payment information (e.g. for a fishing licence or a hunting permit);
  • the subsequent correction of an already submitted procedure, if requested by the competent public administration or body.
How can I monitor the processing status of my procedure?

You can filter your procedures according to the different statuses:

  • 'In preparation' means that the procedure has been saved, but you have not yet submitted the procedure to the competent public administration or body. You can delete procedures with this status at any time.
  • 'Sent' means that the procedure was successfully submitted to the public administration or body and that it is still being processed by them. Procedures with this status do not require any action on your part.

Please note that no information whatsoever is sent for as long as the procedure does not have the status 'Sent'. If there is a deadline for submitting a procedure (e.g. the tax return or the application for AideFi), you have to submit the online procedure via within the given deadline. Procedures cannot be sent after the deadline and will be disregarded.

  • 'To be corrected' means that the public administration or body concerned has returned the procedure to you for correction, for instance, because of missing information or supporting documents.
  • 'Closed' means that the public administration or body concerned has finished processing your procedure. You can delete procedures with a closed status.

In the section 'My procedures', you will not find any of your procedures without authentication. It is not possible to monitor the processing status of procedures without authentication.

Each procedure with authentication is available with a timeline. The timeline indicates the different steps already completed and those that you still need to complete. This will guide you even better through the procedure. In order to access the timeline, you just need to click on the title of the procedure concerned.

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